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Kim Braud

Kim Braud

Client Specialist

Kim has been in the financial industry for 23 years, and is now the client specialist at Sage Wealth Partners. She provides instrumental support to our financial advisors, handling documentation, processing client paperwork, and acting as liaison for our clients on a daily basis.

Growing up, Kim saw how hard her parents worked to provide for her and her brothers, and their family budget was often tight. As kids, Kim and her brothers loved searching for loose change so that they could enjoy a fast-food meal. Later, she realized how difficult this must have been for her parents. They didn’t have someone to advise them on how to save or plan for the future. Through that understanding came Kim’s desire to help others in their own financial planning.

As a lifelong learner at heart, Kim enjoys the ever-shifting financial world. She loves the hard numbers, and enjoys knowing that she is helping others in achieving their financial goals.

Kim is a familiar voice for our clients, helping them to feel welcome from the moment they contact us. She enjoys learning individuals’ personal stories and getting to know them—just like our financial advisors. Her warm and inviting presence helps make our office a welcoming place for our team members and clients.